5 tips for buying a portable air compressor

Portable air compressors are one of the most versatile and beneficial pieces of equipment you can have with us. A compressor like Rolair JC10 can help you do hundreds of roles and can be taken just about anywhere. If you have been searching for a portable air compressor and did not know which one to purchase, this article can help you find the best air compressor.

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Before you buy a portable air compressor, you will require deciding how you are going to use it. Will you be utilizing your compressor for little tasks around the house such as filling up the bike and car tires? If indeed, you might count one of the cheaper models that do not need a lot of care.


See the capability of the pneumatic tool to deliver an amount of compressed air for the job. You can know it by its CFM (cubic feet per minute), or the amount of airflow it can produce. You must also consider the tools you will use for the air compressor if these tools match the power of the compressor can handle. If you are planning to add tools, then you must settle for the larger compressor.

Storage tank

If you are going to be utilizing your compressor mainly for smaller tasks or as a power source for intermittent air instruments such as hammers, or impact wrenches, you might consider a smaller storage tank. Larger storage tanks are better suited for larger tasks and longer running air power instruments such as sanders, grinders, etc.. In other words, the larger the tank, the longer the continuous stream you willhave.


The biggest challenge when figuring to buy a portable air compressor is trying to find a reliable unit. It’s unfortunate that some people will waste their money on a compressor only to find out afterward that the components were defective or not created to hold up. Even though there are some inferior air compressors on the market, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a top quality model from a believable producer.

Pump type

SAXsfdvsZDeaw3t4Pump type affects the performance of the air compressor. To prolong the life of the compressor, you must consider its protection features. Oil-less compressors are like using a nonstick frying pan. It does not require much oil for cylinder lubrication. This compressor is much lighter and smaller and is referred by many because of its portability. It is also low maintenance but quite pricey.

Choose an air compressor for its quality and safety protective security. Get the latest air compressors with a great warranty with promotion discounts and search for the best portable air compressor you need that is rightfully for you.