What You Should Know About Automotive Floor Jack

A floor jack can imply various things depending on where it is used. The top aluminum floor jack is one used in various garages or repair shops to make repairs and lift cars conveniently. However, there are other jacks used to raise “larger” things such as structures. Although there are different jacks on the market, this post focuses mainly on an automotive floor jack.

Automotive floor jack

This particular jack uses a pump arm, air comtg2wedrfed5t6ey72u28i2pression, or hydraulics to raise cars and access their undercarriage easily. It makes changing tires and doing brake jobs quite easy to accomplish. There are handy tools that can be found in garages, farms, car hoods, and other places where autos are repaired. You should note that these jacks have made lots of repairs quite easy for the vehicle owners and DIY mechanics.

You should note confuse this with the hydraulic lift used in various auto repair shops. You need a more stable ground for the automotive floor jack as compared to one needed for the hydraulic lift. This is necessary to eliminate improper balance. The ground should not shift since it can harm your vehicle. You can connect a lib to your automobile and then raise it gently just by pumping the arm, using an air compressor or hydraulic system.

Ratings of automotive floor jacks

These jacks have different ratings that depend on the weight they can lift without sacrificing safety. In fact, they are very powerful and can add up to 20 tons. If it is meant for personal use, you can buy a 2 or 3-ton jack. This is needed if you are going on long distance road trips as you may need to change your tires when necessary. The bigger the car, the stronger the jack you require to carry out the job. On the other hand, farm equipment requires a 10-automotive jack.

Buying an automotive floor jack

Automotivtgwedfedf63ey72u28i2e floor jacks are mainly made of two materials: aluminum and steel. Since aluminum is more expensive metal as compared to steel, it is used in high-end jacks. Both metals are durable to lift a vehicle. The problem with steel is that it is heavier and thus, it is cumbersome to carry than the small aluminum model.

When buying, you need to know what is the weight capacity of the jack. This is the weight in tons a jack can lift. Every jack is rated based on this number. If you are having a truck, you should consider going for one with high weight capacity.