Which Is Cheaper To Own and Run, A Petrol or Diesel Vehicle?

Petrol or Diesel? This is a very common question that most car buyers ask themselves before buying a car. Although there is so much to think about and consider when purchasing a new car, for most people the choice between diesel and petrol is always the deciding factor. But which is cheaper to own and run, a Petrol or Diesel vehicle?

Car Tax

Diesel engines are inherently more efficient than Car 07their petrol counterparts because they have lower carbon emissions levels. This makes them cheaper to tax than petrol cars thereby saving you a lot of cash on your Vehicle-Exercise-Duty (VED). What’s more, the more miles you cover with a diesel vehicle the more likely you are to save money because the tax you get to pay is usually related to the amount of carbon per kilometer in grams your car emits. Therefore, in terms of the car tax, diesel cars are cheaper.

Retaining value

Although it is a fact that most petrol vehicles are less expensive to purchase than diesel cars, they usually don’t hold on to as much of their value like diesel-powered cars do. Diesel cars retain their value better. For example, if today you buy a diesel and a petrol car, and you decide to sell the two cars after five years of use, you can be sure the diesel car will sell better than the petrol car (in terms of cash). Therefore, while it is true you’re likely to spend less money on your petrol-powered vehicle, you might make a little bit less come resale.

Running costs

Car 08Although diesel does provide plenty of power when it comes to overtaking and are even a lot economical over long distances, they are not cheaper to run especially if you fail to cover enough miles on the motorway. This means that if you cover short distances with your diesel vehicle, it will be expensive in the long run to run the car. On the other hand, you should note that if you fail to cover long runs, the diesel particulate filter can become clogged, and this can be expensive in the long run to repair. For this reason, go for a petrol car if only your journeys are normally short trips because the running costs are cheaper.

Servicing costs

It is a fact that diesel-powered vehicle is more fuel-efficient compared to its petrol-powered Car 06sibling. However, it can be a little bit expensive to own a diesel car for several years to come as a result of the servicing costs being a little bit higher but fortunately, diesel cars need servicing less frequently. However, the difference in servicing costs is negligible.


Deciding which fuel type will be cheaper to run over time isn’t easy. Therefore, always take your time to weigh all the factors before deciding which is cheaper to own and run, a petrol or diesel vehicle.