Tips on how to choose a towing ATV winch

An ATV is a vehicle which is used in all types of terrains like mountains, dessert and on snow. They are mostly manufactured with a single seat, but in the recent past, some manufacturers have tried to include another seat on the ATVs that they make. In the last decade, most people used the ATVs hence led to the introduction of towing winches which were designed to be used by most ATV owners. ATV winches are used for several purposes, and if you own an ATV, it is crucial you own a winch. Having a winch will greatly help you in case you are stuck in a hole, mud or when crawling up a hill. There are many types of winches; therefore you should get the best atv winch for the money you buy it. In this article, we give you a guide to use when selecting the best winch for your ATV.

Check the line pull

A line pull on a winch is one essential factor you should check for before you decide to purchase auhyiykj particular winch. A line pull will show you how much weight the winch will be able to pull. This is important because it will be frustrating to buy a winch which will not be in a position to pull your ATV. For this reason, we recommend you consider buying  a towing winch will support 1.5 times weight of your ATV. A winch that will carry more weight will be a good option for your ATV.

Look at the motor

jjgkkgA motor is an essential feature of a winch. The motor will determine the strength or weakness of the winch. A powerful motor on the winch will ensure the winch remains strong despite the harsh condition where it will be used. You should ensure you purchase a winch with a motor which will not burn when pulling weights that are very heavy.

Consider the material of the rope

Most winches have ropes made of synthetic cables or steel ropes. Therefore when purchasing a towing winch, you should consider your needs and choose a rope which will fit your needs. The steel cables are stronger than the synthetic ones, but they do not allow pulling off too much weight because they can break and cause fatalities. The synthetic ropes are very efficient, durable and reliable. However, when exposed to too much heat, they can break. It is therefore essential that when buying a winch, you should determine its use.