Tips For Selling Motorbikes

You can easily sell motorbikes on a classified ad website of your choice. There are several of these sites, but you have to pick the best one depending on the number of visitors to that specific site per day, or simply the ease with which you can sell motorbike on that site. Once you choose your site, you can go ahead and post your advertisement. Several elements of an advert on a classified website make it tick. Some of them include the product image, description, and price. In this article, we will give you tips on how you can come up with unique descriptions that will help sell your motorbike faster.


Give An Irresistibly Unique Overall Description

Give the best possible first impression of the motorbike. Choose your words carefully when giving an overall view of the bike before going into the specifics. Here, use the words that will stir the curiosity of the reader so that they can read your description to the end.

Be Factual When It Comes To The Specifics

When you get to the specific product description, it is time to be truthful. Avoid outright lies when it comes to the specifics of the motorbike. For instance, if there are three previous owners of the motorbike, do not say that that you are the only one who has used the motorbike since it was manufactured. Give the exact year of manufacture and mileage. Give the right description of the mechanical condition of the motorbike. Explain clearly whether, for instance, the bike is a buy and drive. Give the condition of the front tire, rear tire, sprocket, and chain, as well as the general bodywork condition. You can lie and get away with it, but if a buyer later realizes that you had given untruthful information during the time of purchase, you may find yourself in a difficult situation.

Exaggerate, But With Fine Moderation


Too much of everything is very dangerous, especially when it comes to marketing. It is understandable that you want to sell your motorbike as soon as possible, and you may be tempted to exaggerate the performance of the bike. While this is a plus in some cases, some potential buyers may brush off your overly exaggerated descriptions as empty promotional content. For instance, some buyers are well aware of the performance of a certain motorbike depending on its make.

Provide The Service History

As you give the specific information relating to your motorbike, remember to give the full service history of the bike, where possible. This history explains the major problems that a buyer may expect to experience after buying the motorbike. Here, you are just preparing the buyer for maintenance of the bike.

Give Your Location

Finally, as you place your ad, remember to specify the location of the bike. Some buyers will be looking for locally available bikes, and you should ensure that your bike is visible to such buyers.