What to Consider when Buying a Family Car

You know that it’s time to buy a family car when the sports car no longer makes sense. Getting family members from one place to another can prove to be stressful affair especially if there is no adequate room in the available vehicle. On the other hand, this can paralyze mobility hence causing great inconvenience. There is a big difference between a bachelor’s car and a family vehicle. If not careful, you might end up making the wrong choice and get stuck with a non-functional car for your family.

1. SpaceCar 09
The one thing that you can never make it through family life without is enough space in a car. A seven-seater SUV especially one with three rows of seats would be ideal in this case. It is convenient for a large or growing family. This way, all the kids can remain buckled up in their car seats and booster comfortably. However, it is also important to have easy access to the third row. Getting one that has collapsible third-row seats that double as storage is a bonus.

2. Safety
Safety is paramount where kids are involved. Some cars beep continuously when seat belts aren’t buckled; others beep on reverse when you get too close to another car (back up blind spot detection system) and others have automatic child lock systems. Family cars that feature side airbags are being manufactured today.

Car 113. Kid friendly features
A family car should have particular special features that make it child-friendly. Some of these also go a long way in making child handling easy for the adults. These include automatic sliding doors, entertainment features whereby the kids can watch cartoons, power sockets at the back for teenagers, cup holders and even window blinds for nap times

4. Key-less Entry
Only a parent carrying an infant, a bag of groceries, a diaper bag and holding a toddler’s hand would understand the hustle of looking for the car keys to open the doors. An automatic car starter only needs you to be close to the car for it to be unlocked. This saves you a lot of time and effort and most importantly gets things done without unnecessary time wastage.Car 10

It is important to consider the kind of features that work for you and your family when buying a family car. If you are in the initial stages of starting a family, go for one that has room for growth such as fold down seats that can be used for storage. The budget is also important to consider. The higher the budget, the more the features you’re going to get.